Sunday, December 16, 2012

Secret Santa

Last night I received this gift from my Secret Santa, which begs the question: Can a childfree woman enjoy mommy porn? 

I'll let you know. Either way I'm sure I'll enjoy the Candy Cane Joe Joe's.


  1. Good question! You'll definitely enjoy the Joe Joe's -- I can vouch for that.

  2. 50 Shades...uh... porn? That would lead one to belive it is titillating, riveting.The reality is that it' more like a boring...boring...boring bad sex. And really bad writing

  3. That makes me feel not so bad that 50 Shades is still in the shrink wrap while the Joe Joe's have been opened since last night.

  4. I had this thought tonight that the author of 50 Shades stole the idea for her book(s) from someone/somewhere else.It feels false somehow. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I'm really intuitive. I thought the first book was so bland and so dated. Really, a 21 yo virgin with
    none of her own sexual needs or fantasies. That wasn't me at 21 or now. I read Book No. 1 in an hour in a B & N store. Barbara Walters named the author one of the
    10 most fascinating people of the year. The author doesn't seem fascinating to me at all, Just bland like her books. Like I said, she looks like she's hiding something. We shall see! Mary Kennedy Eastham - Author Squinting Over Water - Stories and The Shadow of A Dog I can't Forget

  5. I read 50 shades - it was like one of those - everyone is reading it, I'll see what the hype is. I was quite a late bloomer, so I actually kinda got the main character. However, the writing style drove me nuts! She was so repetitive. I really wanted to give her a thesaurus.