Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little Darlings

Nauseous in Notting Hill
I spent two days in London over Christmas, during which I stumbled across this free magazine, Little Darlings: the magazine for London mums, in a Notting Hill coffee shop. It featured riveting reading on subjects like must-have strollers and the best-dressed baby bumps around town. It reminded me of a hobbyist magazine like Runner's World, only the hobbies were kids. It left me aghast, although, in fairness, I would have been just as aghast at a magazine touting being childfree as a hobby or "lifestyle-choice." Babies, or the lack of them, are neither.

Elsewhere in England, the Lake District to be specific, I found a more humorous take on parenting. Here's a picture from a wine bar in Ambleside, where the proprietor's sentiments about unruly children have been inscribed on a timber:

Children left unattended will be fed espresso and given a puppy

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